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Walkway Flagstone

Walkway Flagstone


Walkway flagstone is uniquely cut to a specific size. Each piece is priced depending on the width and thickness you are looking for. Choices below reflect widths of 3' to 6' walkways but don't hesitate to call if you are looking for something different.

Please see "What to expect" for cost details.

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Granite can be cut to any size or shape. As a rule, Flagstone is sold by the square foot. It is best measure the total area to determine what you need.

Care information

Granite used in it's natural setting needs little to no care. If used for countertops it is suggested that you seal them depending on how much water is absorbed. This may range from every couple of months to once every few years.

What to expect when you purchase

Each purchase is subject to a 6.5% fuel charge along with HST. Delivery is based on milage.

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